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Better than Great Multimedia Group, Inc. (dba BTG Multimedia) is a minority-woman owned and operated production company.

Whether creating original content or supporting client production, our continued success spurs from our commitment to telling compelling, universal stories with a diverse lens. But we’re not just looking at on-screen representation.

Our intentional apprenticemodel ensures crew opportunities for underrepresented and multi-marginalized individuals. In addition to gaining meaningful on-the-job training, these professionals are paired with key stakeholders in the industry who can help guide (and accelerate) their professional trajectory.

When seeking candidates, we consider systemic barriers like race, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and caretaker obligation among others.

We know the exclusion of unique, diverse voices in media, entertainment, and digital distribution is intentional but we’re committed to finding kindred collaborators who are more vested in creating something incredible than shouting into the wind.  It’s why we’re super selective about (and protective of) our clients.

Think you have what it takes to join us on this journey? Let’s connect today.

Collaborative Opportunities