Our Leadership

Akima A. Brown founded BTG Multimedia Group in the summer of 2018, and serves at the company’s Chief Principal Officer and Executive Producer.

Using her vast professional experience in government, education, and media she oversees multiple cross-functional teams, comprised of staff, contactors, consultants, and highly skilled volunteers. Read more.

Our Mission

BTG Multimedia Group is a for-profit, social enterprise committed to creating content that gives voice to those typically excluded from mainstream storytelling while simultaneously creating pathways to professional success for traditionally underrepresented media practitioners.

Our Vision

Though there are many other companies doing what we do, what sets us apart is how and why we do it.

Akima A. Brown founded BTG by bringing together a team of multi-passionate “socialpreneurs”. With work histories spanning the arts, education, psychology, public administration and policy, our multidisciplinary team employs a unique organizational model and a progressive cultural climate that’s allowed us to achieve our above-average performance outcomes.

Our Purpose

BTG Multimedia Group is a multifaceted social enterprise. Our company focuses on a triple bottom line of people, empowerment, and profit. 

We recognize that while individual progress is important, it means little if there aren’t social systems in place that support and sustain it.  Our work centers on leveraging training, consultation, and strategic planning to create sustainable solutions.  With the collaboration from key stakeholders, including high-need populations, we aim to ensure accessibility, retention, and advancement opportunities to traditionally marginalized, underrepresented, and excluded populations.

Learn how to integrate equity, inclusion, and belonging in every phase of your process and every level of your business. Come with us and be “better than great.” Join the team; #TeamBTG.