Internal Production Projects

BTG Multimedia Group is committed to sharing the oft-untold stories of our generation.  Content that interests us, includes:

  • Off-beat comedy
  • Hidden talent coming-of-age stories (feat. diverse leads)
  • Afro-futurism/Sci-fi
  • Theological horror/Race-related psychological thrillers
  • Anti-ableist commentary
  • BIPOC-centered animation
    (especially if they remain human for 80% or more of the movie)
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Client Support for Creative Individuals

Whether you’re seeking story feedback or planning for production, we can help.  

  • Story Development & Analysis
  • Script Coverage
  • Production Consulting
  • Virtual Production & Remote Direction

We’ve taken clients from concept to completion and seen their projects nominated for Emmys, place in contests, and secure coveted fellowships. 

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Entity Support for Business and Government

At BTG Multimedia Group, we strive to be at the forefront of the equitable media movement. From diverse hiring to sector development, we’ve got you covered.  

  • Industry Market Research
  • Operations Assessment, Reporting, and Optimization
  • Change Management & Systems Design Consultations
  • Policy Analysis, Proposals, and Reform
  • DEIBJ Recruitment, Hiring, & Retention Training 

Whether you’re seeking to advance your media business, hire creative professionals, or conduct a media/entertainment study, we’re here for you.

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Client and Colleague Testimonials